Goodlife and WODAC

Every year we participate in several "theme days" in the aid of charity - including "Wear it pink" day and "Christmas Jumper day", and 2015 was no exception. We decided to do something a little different at Christmas this time. A member of our team suggested we do a little fundraising for a local charity - to give back to our community. One charity that sprung to mind was WODAC; Warrington Open Door at Christmas

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1847 Logo

Restaurant Review – Bistro 1847

Rating: *** ½

Named after the year the Vegetarian Society was formed, 1847 serves modern dishes across four menus; á la carte, taster, Sunday lunch and express lunch.

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Petit Pois Field

Vegenista Academy – The Pea Harvest

As you know, our Goodlife team are all fully fledged veg experts - vegenistas! To keep us up to date with all goings on in the veg world, we pay a visit to our farmers and suppliers regularly to learn about the veg, the growers and the processes they go through to make sure we have the highest quality of ingredients to go into our products. Only the best for Goodlife!

Our most resent Vegenista Academy visit was to a farm owned by the man referred to only as "The Pea God" (well - we didn't make up the name, but he really is the master of peas!) as well as to the factory that processes our peas to see exactly how it's done.

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Inverness 1

Goodlife in Inverness

The Goodlife Team took a trip up to the Scottish Highlands to spend a couple of days with students in a few schools around Inverness. We took some of our delicious vegetarian foodservice sausages with us for the kids try – Cauliflower Cheese “Cheezy” Sausage, and the Tomato, Red Pepper & Mozzarella “Pizza” Sausage.

We cooked up the sausages for three different schools, getting the kids to try them with their lunches and let us know what they thought.Our mission was to change the kids’ and cooks’ opinions on vegetarian food – we wanted to show them that vegetarian food can be interesting adn tasty, as well as good for you.

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Vegetarian "pizza" sausage

Education Catering

Here at Goodlife, we have a passion for making good veg taste great – and we’ve been doing it for over 25 years!  We understand how important it is for growing kids to get more vegetables in their diets, in tasty and interesting ways – and this is why we developed some brand new products, just for schools.. We believe that nobody puts veg in the corner, and we love to celebrate the natural deliciousness of our veg, putting our products at the centre of the plate.

Our product developers have been hard at work creating mouth-watering vegetarian sausages that are low in fat, salt and sugars, but high in flavour. They have produced inspiringly vegtastic vegetable based sausages, which look great, taste delicious, and are packed full of the freshest vegetables, which are grown specially for us by our amazing farmers.

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Veg of the Month – Mushroom

Mushrooms are the only vegetable in the Goodlife office that divide opinions - it's very much a "marmite" subject: we either love them, or hate them! They're really versatile and each variety has its own unique flavour - often a very woody/earthy flavour. The main varieties we'll see in supermarkets are Button, Shiitake, Oyster, Chestnut, Portobello and Porcini.

Mushrooms tend to grow in damp, dark places - often on the bark of a tree. However, some mushrooms grow underground, and these are known as truffles! Although truffles are much more expensive than mushrooms - due to the fact they are much more difficult to find or grow.

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Veg of the Month – Kale

Over the past few months, the presence of Kale in supermarkets and recipe books has grown - and we can see why! It's a firm favourite at Goodlife HQ and often finds its way into our lunches. The curly, deep green leaves of Kale liven up a boring summer salad, with a flavour that packs a punch - Kale has a rich, earthy flavour, and can somtimes be quite bitter, and although you may not like the taste to begin with, it's surprisingly addictive!

Kale is a brassica, related to cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts, and is an offshoot of a wild cabbage which is mainly found in parts of Asia (bet you didn't know that!) It's also known as a superfood - which is a term used to describe a food which is full of nutrients, and is full of health benefits. Like we need another excuse to eat more Kale?! It's a leafy green that's delicious raw, added to a stir-fry or salad, in a superfood smoothie, or oven baked with a little salt. Check our some of our Kale recipes and try them for yourself!

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Goodlife and the World Land Trust

As many of you may know, Goodlife have avidly supported the World Land Trust for several years, donating money to the charity for every pack of products sold. Up until 2011, we donated funds to the REGUA Appeal in Brazil - now our donations are directed towards the Borneo Orangutan Appeal.

We donate 1p per pack to the appeal which helps the endangered Orangutan which is currently at serious threat of extinction from deforestation. Palm Oil is a huge issue the WLT face, and is one of the main reasons the beautiful Orangutan is quickly becoming extinct. Loggers chop down the palm trees the Orangutans call home, to make a cheaper alternative to Vegetable or Rapeseed Oils so widely available to us. We don't use Palm Oil in any of our products, and all money we raise helps to protect this endangered species and their habitats from being destroyed.

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Veg of the Month - Cauliflower

Veg of the Month – Cauliflower

Did you know that the cauliflower is one of the healthiest foods you can eat? It has what's known as a negative calorie value - which means that calories you burn from eating it, are more than what it actually contains - which is fab news for those who want to shift a few pounds!

Cauliflower is one of those great all-year round vegetables, and is insanely versatile. Because of it's health benefits, it's now being used in dishes such as pizzas - you make a pizza crust out of it so it's better for you then pizza dough. Neat, eh?

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Spitalfields Decoration

Old Spitalfields Market

Bringing a veg celebration to the people, we recently sampled our vegetable-based range in a converted vintage American Airstream at London’s iconic Old Spitalfields Market.

Providing the ultimate vegelicious treat in this London hotspot, the Goodlife team handed out FREE bite size pieces of our inspiringly original and tasty vegetarian sausages and vegan burgers to passers by. Over the 5 days, we gave out thousands of samples! We also had a chef on hand who was cooking up some tasty homemade recipes too, including sausage and mash with caramelised onion gravy (our fave!), sausages in a wrap with a cool yoghurt dressing, and Spicy Veg Bean Burgers on buns for those who couldn’t get enough of the Goodlife flavours!

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Ugly Veg - Twisted Carrots

We Love Ugly Veg

Admit it - when we've been to our local supermarket and picked up some fresh fruit and veg, we've all passed over the carrot with two legs, the deformed potato, or the wonky aubergine in favour of the ones that look more "normal". As a nation, we tend to eat with our eyes as well as our stomach, opting not to eat something that doesn't look quite right. This has led to over 300 million tonnes of food being wasted every year! Around 40% of this waste is just misshapen fruit and veg - or what is affectionately known as "Ugly" fruit and veg.

In an attempt to reduce this waste, a supermarket chain in France (one that previously dumped ugly fruit and veg) have began putting the produce on sale in thousands of stores across the country at a price 30% cheaper than the "pretty" alternatives. It's proved such a success, that other French supermarket chains have adopted the initiative!

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Vegetable of the Month - Sprout

Vegetable of the Month – Sprout

Because it’s December, our veg of the month is the mighty sprout! Although the sprout is commonly known as a vegetable side dish during our Christmas dinners, over 2/3 of the annual consumption is outside the festive season. Here at Goodlife, the sprout is very much like Marmite – some of us love them, some of us hate them; but we all munch on a few with our Christmas lunches. The crazy people over at M&S have developed a festive smoothie containing Brussels Sprout, Apple and Pear. It doesn’t sound too appealing, but there’s only one way to find out!

Have you ever wondered why sprouts smell a bit strange? That’s because we’re only meant to cook them for around 5 minutes – anything longer and the high levels of sulforaphane found in them can make them smell like rotten eggs! (Eurgh!) They’re also known to aid digestion, and 5,000 years ago, were prescribed by Chinese doctors for bowel problems. (Cue the smelly fart jokes.)

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