Parsnips - vegetable of the month

Vegetable of the Month – Parsnip

Here at Goodlife we love our parsnips. We love them honey roasted, mashed with carrots and swede, chopped up and cooked in a yummy veggie casserole; and best of all – in our Picador Parsnip and Sweet Carrot Nut Burger with Crunchy Cashews! We love how their soft, fragrant, and sweet flesh adds a warm and comforting element to dishes.

Parsnips are mainly grown in colder parts of Europe and here in the UK – our cool climate makes it the ideal place to grow the perfect parsnip. Parsnips are closely related to the carrot, yet have a much sweeter flavour, much like a sweet potato. Parsnips are at their best in the autumn and early winter, as the first frost of the year is the thing that turns the starch in the parsnips into sugar, giving them their distinctive taste!

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We Love Pinterest

We’re constantly looking all around us for vegetable inspiration. Whether it’s photography, illustrations, recipes or artworks we always love to celebrate and enjoy anything and anyone who shares our belief in making vegetables the hero. Pinterest is full of vegetable amazingness and we try and make sure we regularly go out there and find new stuff that inspires us. Come and follow us on pinterest (so we can follow you too), see what’s been catching out eye and share with us all the stuff you come across that celebrates the veg and making good stuff great!

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Vegetable of the Month – Squash

There are so many reasons we love squash as a vegetable it’s hard to know where to begin.

We love the way its colourful presence is the perfect symbol of autumn.

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