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Goodlife and WODAC


Every year we participate in several “theme days” in the aid of charity – including “Wear it pink” day and “Christmas Jumper day”, and 2015 was no exception. We decided to do something a little different at Christmas this time. A member of our team suggested we do a little fundraising for a local charity – to give back to our community. One charity that sprung to mind was WODAC; Warrington Open Door at Christmas

. Each year WODAC help out the homeless, and those in need during the festive period. They hire a church hall for a week or so, and invite those in need over to enjoy a lovely home cooked meal, provide those struggling with food and clothing, as well as a warm shelter where they can meet other people, take part in games, or even have a hot cup of tea in front of a festive film. There is so much that this charity does over a short space of time.

After speaking to their team about what we can do to help, we set about organising a fundraising day at Goodlife HQ. As with our other charity days, we held a charity bake sale, full of Christmas themed goodies, held a raffle, organised a “guess the number” game; as well as collecting unwanted clothing, toiletries and food.

We also donating some of our lovely veg to them to use in the meals they were cooking over the festive period, so they could all enjoy a healthy, warming, nutritious meal.

Over the space of just a few days, our team really rallied together and we raised £85, as well as taking them boxes and boxes of food and clothing.

A few of our team drove down to the Church hall to deliver our donations, and we spoke to the volunteers about the work they do and how they help people over the festive season – it was astonishing just how much people can do to help others. The people of Warrington have clearly opened their hearts to the cause, and they were inundated with donations and offers of help.

In the hall, each room had a separate function – one for dining, one for fun and games, one for gifts, and one for the donations to be organised. It was very humbling to hear the stories of the people they help, so we’re planning on helping them again next year. For more information on the cause, check out and see what you can do to help.